APPvice was initially created in 2010 as an app newsletter and blog.  Since then, APPvice has undergone some changes.  We now have a weekly app-themed podcast and app reviews.

APPvice Weekly Podcast

Jennifer Ruggiero(Host)

I recently tweeted “Good morning! As I walk about my home this morning, I have come to the realization that it looks like the merging of Rackroom Shoes with Radio Shack. What have I become?”  The answer?  A nerd.

As a child, I was drawn to anything with a chip in it and despised dolls.  Give me a gadget and I was a happy kid.  I wanted to be an astronomer, then a computer programmer, and then eventually landed in communications/media studies (my ego must have taken a hold of me during that decision).  I did, however, finally come to my senses and got back into tech.  I have been working in the tech industry for many years and even in my spare time, talk tech.   I am platform agnostic, and find myself happiest when surrounded by gadgets.  (Perhaps I should go outside or something, huh?)

This nerd looks forward to sharing her tech passion with you at appvice.net.

Christopher Rizzo(Co-host)

I am a father to a beautiful daughter, a huge baseball fan, I am a huge iOS/OS X fan. In my spare time I code web apps and browser extensions for fun. The iPad has changed the way I think of computing. Everything I do in life I do for my daughter Sofia, she brings me joy and happiness. I have been a Mac user since ’99 and I have never looked back.