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Episode 19: Cinema Apps

Episode 18: Launchers

Flixster App on Xbox 360

Flixster, an app that allows you to discover, watch, and collect movies, is now available on the Xbox 360 with Xbox Live.

Being an Xbox live subscriber, I decided to give Flixster a thorough trial. I have been a cord-cutter for some time. Therefore, I rely on streaming services to view media. Having used it for the past week, I learned that Flixster is a fabulous streaming solution. Continue Reading

Episode 17: Facebook Home


Join Jennifer and Christopher on APPvice Episode 17 as they discuss Facebook’s new launcher “Facebook Home.”

Facebook home is available for select Android devices (as of April 16, 2013… GS3, Note 2, HTC One, HTC First).

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Dropbox App Camera Upload

There are many reasons I love Dropbox and have been a faithful user for years.  I will not go into all the points, but do want to mention how very much I adore the Camera Upload feature of the Dropbox app on my device.

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Episode 16: Messaging apps

Spotify app on your TiVo®

Spotify is now available on your TiVo® Premiere Box!

It is always exciting to see two awesome services come together.  I have been a longtime TiVo® customer and watched their service grow immensely since they launched back in 1997.  TiVo® is a pioneer in home entertainment and created the first (and best, imo) DVR.  Today, TiVo® is fresher than ever and offers users the ability to watch live or DVR’d television, as well as stream videos, movies, photos, podcasts, and music via a wide assortment of services, one of which is Spotify.

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Flingo’s Launchpad on TiVo®

Flingo’s Launchpad on TiVo® 

Confession… I am a TiVo® fangirl. In my opinion, the best DVR interface is that which belongs to TiVo®. However, old media/television content is becoming a tad “old school” these days. Therefore a few years ago, I cut the cord, purchased an HD antenna, and have been using my TiVo® Premiere to DVR local stations. Remember TiVo® from years ago? Well, it is not what it is today. Say hello to NEW MEDIA (web content). I am able to use my TiVo® Premiere box to access an assortment of new media content. This is why cutting the cord works so well… new media access. TiVo® offers an assortment of great web content services. I am also able to view my personal content on my TiVo®, but I’ll save that for another post. (Fangirl needs to get back on track.)

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RSS Apps

There is a lot of hype happening right now around RSS apps (primarily due to the fact that Google Reader is shutting down soon).  Oddly enough, just prior to this news Christopher and I (Jennifer) had gotten together on the Total iPad podcast to discuss two RSS apps… Mr. Reader and Google Currents.

The discussion/show is broken into two parts…

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