Episode 16: Messaging apps

RSS Apps

There is a lot of hype happening right now around RSS apps (primarily due to the fact that Google Reader is shutting down soon).  Oddly enough, just prior to this news Christopher and I (Jennifer) had gotten together on the Total iPad podcast to discuss two RSS apps… Mr. Reader and Google Currents.

The discussion/show is broken into two parts…

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Episode 15: GPS Apps

Episode 14: Apps We Dig


After a long hiatus, APPvice has returned. Join Christopher and Jennifer in APPvice episode 14 where they talk about recent apps that they dig and are worth the install. Continue Reading

Episode 12: The Cloud


On this week’s APPvice, we chatted about the cloud, what the cloud is, and some of our favorite cloud services. Give it a listen!


Note: ZumoDrive was mentioned on the show, but they are no longer in service.  Apologies for any confusion.

JEFIT Pro APPvice Review

Episode 11: The Dollar Show


Looking for an app bargain?  Well this is the right show for you… where everything is a buck!  Listen in as hosts Jennifer Ruggiero and Christopher Rizzo (totalipad.com) chat with special guest, Vincent Brown of vintuitive.com about some of their favorite dollar apps.

Jennifer’s picks:

Christopher’s picks:

Vincent’s picks:



Episode 10: Potluck


Join us for our potluck episode of APPvice.  Christopher and Jennifer chatted about a few of their favorite apps that that currently stand out above the rest.

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Jennifer’s app picks:

JeFit  by Jefit Inc. (bodybuilding/fitness) – Pro iPhone version $4.99, Free iPhone version, Pro Android version $4.99, Free Android version

Contact Remover Plus by HolyHog Software LLC. – Android $2.99


Christopher’s app picks:

Omnifocus by The Omni Group (productivity) – iPhone version $19.99, iPad version $19.99, Mac version $39.99

Mr. Reader by Oliver Fürniß – iPad version $3.99



Episode 9: Music


There are a lot of different ways to listen to tunes… from old school radio, to satellite, on the computer, and now on our devices.  On today’s APPvice, hosts Jennifer Ruggiero and Christopher Rizzo chat with special guest Brad Chasenore from Techwebcast about some of our favorite music apps.  Give it a listen! Continue Reading

Episode 8: Cooking


Holiday season is nearly upon us!  Ready to bring some tech into the kitchen and prepare for creating some tasty holiday meals & treats?  Well, be sure to listen to this delicious episode 8 of APPvice where special guest Vincent Brown, and hosts Jennifer Ruggiero and Christopher Rizzo talk about apps used while cooking.

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