Day One (Journal/Diary)

Day One – Christopher Rizzo

Day One is a journal or diary application for the Mac, iPad and iPhone. It syncs beautifully between devices. It is a universal application for the iOS devices and it cost $1.99 for the iPad/iPhone. The Mac version is a little more expensive at $9.99 but worth every penny. It offers password protection on both iOS and OSX platforms,  Day One uses iCloud or Dropbox to syncs notes/entries between devices. In my opinion this is the best journal application in the app store.

Christopher’s Day One Video Review



• iCloud or Dropbox sync to iPhone and iPad app
• Quick Entry via the Menu Bar
• Password Protection
• Calendar View
• Reminders System
• Export
• Inspirational Messages to encourage writing
• Lion Full-screen
• Search
• System Hot-key Shortcut
• Starred Entries List
• Command Line Interface

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Download Day One:
Day One (Journal/Diary) - Bloom Built, LLC

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