Dropbox App Camera Upload

There are many reasons I love Dropbox and have been a faithful user for years.  I will not go into all the points, but do want to mention how very much I adore the Camera Upload feature of the Dropbox app on my device.

DB Screenshot


I snap a picture, and literally within less than 5 seconds that image is in my Dropbox folder.

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 10.26.24 AM

Of course, the sync speed depends on your internet connection. I elect only to upload over Wi-Fi since I do not have 4G LTE connectivity yet where I reside.  I suggest having it upload over Wi-Fi if you only have 3G.  If you have 4G, then select “Wi-Fi or Data Plan” under “Upload Using” in the Dropbox app settings on your device.

You can sign up for Dropbox for free, and the Dropbox apps are available for iOS, Blackberry, and Android.

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