Gesture Search


Gesture Search by Google Inc.  – Jennifer Ruggiero

I recently changed devices and am now using a Sprint Galaxy S III (with which I am in love).  However, the functionality for universal search seems to have been removed… which is something I had heavily relied upon in my devices.  Very rarely do I look for an app or have many icons on my Android screens, as I typically search for the app I need via the Google search bar using universal search.  Since the recent change, however, this is unable to be done.  This put me on a quest to find another way to search my device, and Gesture Search is the answer.

With Gesture Search by Google, the following device-based items are able to be searched… Contacts (names of your contacts), Browser (bookmarks), Apps (names of installed apps), Music (artists, albums, and tracks), and Settings (names of phone settings). Simply begin spelling the word (app, contact, bookmark, music, settings) of what you are searching with your finger, one letter at a time, on your screen.  The item you are searching for will soon appear.

Gesture Search is extremely accurate.  I do not have the best handwriting by any means, yet it always interprets my chicken scratch.

If you want a quick way to search your Android device, I highly recommend Gesture Search by Google.  It is available for free in Google Play.


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